Our Philosophy

Kutum Ayurveda is more than just a brand; it’s a philosophy of holistic health and wellness. Our name, ‘कुटुंब - KUTUM’, derived from ancient Sanskrit, means ‘family’. We believe in the concept of ‘वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् - Vasudhaiva kutumbbakam’, meaning ‘The whole earth is one family’, a wisdom passed down to us by our wise ancestors thousands of years ago.

We offer a range of pure Ayurvedic products formulated in India using ancient Ayurvedic formulas. Our products are a bridge between ancient traditions and the modern world, designed to reconnect people to their innate body wisdom through Ayurveda. We believe that through Ayurveda, we can rediscover our interconnection with the natural world and its rhythmic cycles.

The Founder

The inception of Kutum Ayurveda traces back to Abhishek Agarwal's early B.Pharm. days, where the seed of this venture sprouted. Fueled by a deep-rooted passion for reviving Ayurveda's timeless wisdom, Abhishek left his corporate role to delve into the sacred knowledge of Ayurveda.

Amid a global pandemic, Kutum emerged as a beacon of holistic well-being. Abhishek, amidst the serenity of his family garden in Jamshedpur, blended herbs, plants, and flowers, concocting remedies inspired by Ayurvedic principles. His profound connection to Ayurveda wasn't just a career shift but a purpose-driven journey to offer society accessible solutions rooted in tradition. Kutum Ayurveda stands as a testament to his commitment to health, wellness, and societal well-being.

Our co-founder, Surbhi Agarwal, a life sciences researcher, was amazed by the efficiency of these Ayurvedic formulations. When western medicine and allopathic treatment didn’t work for her skin allergy, it was Ayurveda that provided a long-term and permanent solution. Surbhi started helping Abhishek with his innovations, and together, they dreamt of creating a product range that delivers the results it promises.

Despite their different upbringings in wellness, with Abhishek coming from a family of Ayurvedic doctors and Surbhi’s parents valuing medical intervention for most health issues, they both believe that impactful products like theirs should be easily available on the market for everyone.


ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः

We believe that the more people understand the ways of Ayurveda, the healthier our world will be. Ayurveda, the oldest complete medical system in the world today, is at the heart of our focus. We are committed to creating products that work with Ayurvedic principles, offering a path to holistic health and wellness.

Join us on this journey to rediscover the wisdom of Ayurveda and embrace a healthier, more balanced life.